Circular interior design

Driving sustainable progress requires a transition – A change from a linear, to a circular mindset. We’ve developed a method of reuse and redesign to create circular design projects. This helps clients to utilize existing materials and products – whilst simultaneously elevating the aesthetic impression. By renovating, reusing and recycling, we’ll be able to lower both cost and the environmental impact.

If the project requires new products, we utilize local craftsmen and sustainable materials, enabling a circular pattern – thus avoiding unnecessary mass production.

  • Analysis and assessment of current inventory
  • Circular flow
  • Concept and design draft
  • Generate and cultivate ideas including choice of materials
  • Visualizing and creating realistic design images
  • Concept development for functional solutions
  • Technical plans for production
  • Product cost assessment
  • Manufacture and upcycling
  • Production control

Value: Smart, forceful and creative interior design will generate sustainable solutions, placing you at the cutting edge of the market.