who we are

Östensson’s Interior Design Studio is an award-winning sustainable interior design company based in Sweden. We’re driven by the conviction that well being and environment is connected, and believe in the power of great design. 

We have a distinctive style – both warm and casual as well as passionate and inspiring. Each project is based on our rigorous research and development process, creating bespoke interior design concepts inspired by the clients unique brand identity. 

For us at Östensson Design Studio design is about creating long term values. It’s imprinted in our way of working, so that sustainability is with us all the way – from idea to finished project. Our mission is to – with design – drive the transition towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Östensson Design Studio was founded in 2017 by Maria Östensson responding to the increasing demand for her distinctive design aesthetic and sustainable interior design contexts. The studio is today co-run with Spanish interior designer Norma Marrugat. Together with our clients we’ve created boutique hotels, restaurants, retail environments, workspaces, galleries and exhibitions all over Europe. 

Östensson design studio

what we do

We work mainly with interior design for public spaces and companies, and as such we create design concepts that echoes the identity of your profile and services. We utilize the aesthetic power to attract and satisfy visitors and workers to lure them to spend time in your premises. With knowledge of neuroscience and design expertise, we can enhance the human experience and the impact of the space to make your business more attractive. 

We collaborate closely with clients, consultants, contractors and makers in the pursuit of creating finely crafted spaces that enhance the experience of the end users.

Whilst aiming for aesthetic excellence and sophisticated results, we also care very much for the environment and materials used and which impact they have on our planet and people’s health. It is our responsibility to carefully use resources combined with good design.

Östensson design studio

Design Umeå

Maria Östensson

Maria is the artistic director and owner of the company and is an ambitious designer who has lived and worked internationally for 20 years. In London she obtained a BTEC in art & design, a first fashion award and a BA (hons) in fashion and textile design, a PGCE in Art & Design, followed by an interior design certificate, and now a Master in interior design.

She worked with fashion and textiles for many years and was then appointed as image consultant and put in charge of the interior design for many international fairs like Masion object, Salone de Moile, and Heimtextile etc for many years. Furthermore, she has been teaching art & design in London and is currently appointed as course director for colour and form in interior design.

Today she is successfully running this interior design company with focus on exclusive sustainable interior design for B2B, and was awarded a design excellence in sustainable interior design in 2018 by the international magazine Luxlife.

Östensson design studio

Norma Marrugat

Norma is responsible for our studio in Barcelona and has more than 10 years of experience from working with art, creativity and natural materials. Furthermore, she has also worked with film, TV and other media productions and has an eye for details both behind the camera and in real life, that very few people possess. Therefore, she is excellent at any styling and decoration commission the market might need.

Norma is the teams contact for the Spanish market and is an asset when it comes to sourcing and collaborating with the very best craftsmen and the extended market. She is a pure and vibrant person with a deep love for the aesthetic expression and will ensure that every client receives the very best attention throughout to whole process through high level of communication skills and willingness to make every project a success.

Anja Thelander

Anja has a degree in museology and art history which has laid the foundation for her understanding and view of composition, aesthetics and context. She is also a trained interior designer, and has a long experience of working in the paint trade where she has immersed herself in color theory and material knowledge.

Anja is a creative, committed and solution-oriented person with a great interest in how to create a holistic impression with color and shape that meets the customer’s needs. Anja is based in Umeå where she takes on projects with great sensitivity and sharpness. We are very happy that she is a part of Östenssons Design Studio.