interior design


interior design


If you want to have the best visual look for your company’s interior space we aim to exceed your expectation. We have the talent and expertise to give your company an interior environment that will make people feel good and enjoy spending time in that space.  Moreover, we carefully select the materials used and aim for environmentally friendly products to create an ambient which is less toxic.

  • Concept development
  • Colour story
  • Furnishing
  • Material composition
  • Bespoke composition
  • Lighting
  • Decoration

product design


Beautiful and powerful product designs will help you obtain a unique and sustainable solution to stay ahead in the market and avoid mass production and will give that special touch that makes each environment truly unique.

  • Concept and design proposal
  • Generate and refine ides with material selections
  • Visualize and create realistic images
  • Develop and engineer concepts into functional solutions
  • Technical drawings for production
  • Estimate product cost
  • Identify & source suitable manufacturers and suppliers
  • Production control
Sustainable interior design
Östensson design studio

interior styling


By making a great first impression for your event or business you will get more attention and stand out on the market. We can help by taking the hassle out of deciding on those little details that make a big difference.

  • Making the most of your current interior and how to best present it
  • Creating new displays for your shop or fair stands
  • Styling for corporate events or special occasions
  • Styling for a photoshoot for publications or marketing
  • Interpreting a client brief, usually for marketing purposes
  • Working with magazines for photo shoots and styling the spaces to showcase products.
  • Working alongside photographers to make the photo-shoot look fantastic.
  • Sourcing furniture, props, sets and location.
  • Decorating the space
  • Preparing a property for sale, in order to bring the client the greatest return on investment.